New Series: From a Life Coach’s Toolbox

As a life coach, I have a toolbox full of strategies to help clients gain perspective, understand themselves more deeply, and make intentional and empowered choices. No matter the challenge, there is always a new way to understand, break apart, and approach the situation. These are simple tools that can be applied with the support of a coach or even when we’re by ourselves grappling with how to approach a challenge. Over the coming months, I’ll be sharing tools from my coaching toolbox over at The Lady Project blog, along with tips on how you can apply them in your own life.

First tool up: Reframing. I’m talking about getting out of your narrow view and seeing the situation in a whole new light — often easier said than done.

The post includes a real-life example of how I reframed a BIG word this year — Responsibility — and how it’s completely changed how I organize my time and priorities.

Read the post, over at The Lady Project blog.

The Mother of All Slashes

This afternoon, with my three month old babe wrapped up on my chest, I sat down at my computer to an email in my inbox from a curious reader:

How does motherhood fit in with you as a slasher? With your life purpose coaching/blogging/quilting/arts & culture adminstrating? I would imagine being a mom would really move those things around a lot in your life. Do you still feel like those are all a part of who you are? I’m just very curious about motherhood, identity, and being a slasher. I’d love to hear your take. – Elizabeth

Elizabeth, believe me, this has been a big question on my mind.

IMG_0724As I welcomed my little one into the world, I set all of my slashes aside to make way for a singular, brand new, big identity: Mom. I had no idea what this would feel like or how it might change me. Continue reading

Navigating Change & Uncertainty

ChangeIt’s a time of change for my husband and I – for two months, we’ve gradually packed up all of our things and sat amongst the mayhem of boxes. We’ve made a spreadsheet called “Life Changes” with a big, long list of everything we have to do from changing our cable provider to interviewing pediatricians to picking out paint samples for the baby’s room in our new home.

I’m trying not to go crazy, but these two big changes – moving into our first home and preparing for the arrival of our baby – are a lot all at once. To be more specific, they’re a lot of two of my not-so-favorite things in the world: change and uncertainty. Continue reading

Connecting to Your Word for 2015

Once you choose a guiding word for 2015, the next step is making a plan for staying connected to it throughout the year (like, beyond the first few weeks of January)!

There are a lot of ways of fostering this continued connection – but the way that I find most simple and effective is surrounding yourself with your word.

Here is a treasury of some handmade, customizable finds on Etsy that will help you to see and be grounded in your word every day throughout the year. Continue reading

My Word for 2015: Wonder

photo (1)Just before Ian & I got married, he gave me a card with this image of a girl holding up an enormous rock.

Boy, did he nail it. I immediately recognized myself in the image. I feel like this girl all the time, taking on life’s big boulders with determination and ambition, but also feelings of being overwhelmed. Like, say, for instance moving into a new house while I’m 8 months pregnant and preparing for the biggest transition of my life to date.

Choosing a word to guide me through this year was a different process from last year’s YES. I need something to guide me through the uncertainty, the fear, the unknown, and all of the joy and exploration that is to come with becoming a mom, nourishing my business, leaving the office for three months, and re-aligning my relationship with work, my marriage, and life priorities in general. Continue reading

Connect the Dots & Celebrate the New Year

SONY DSC Last week, I co-hosted a workshop called Connect the Dots & Celebrate the New Year with the amazing Patsy Culp of & Celebrate.

Twelve women gathered in Patsy’s beautiful home to reflect on their achievements, growth, and lessons learned in 2014 and to set intentions for the year ahead. Together, we went through the process of each selecting a guiding word for 2015 – a powerful word that will ground us, inspire us, and challenge us to show up to our lives this year intentionally and thoughtfully. Continue reading