New Series: From a Life Coach’s Toolbox

As a life coach, I have a toolbox full of strategies to help clients gain perspective, understand themselves more deeply, and make intentional and empowered choices. No matter the challenge, there is always a new way to understand, break apart, and approach the situation. These are simple tools that can be applied with the support of a coach or even when we’re by ourselves grappling with how to approach a challenge. Over the coming months, I’ll be sharing tools from my coaching toolbox over at The Lady Project blog, along with tips on how you can apply them in your own life.

First tool up: Reframing. I’m talking about getting out of your narrow view and seeing the situation in a whole new light — often easier said than done.

The post includes a real-life example of how I reframed a BIG word this year — Responsibility — and how it’s completely changed how I organize my time and priorities.

Read the post, over at The Lady Project blog.

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