Connect the Dots & Celebrate
The New Year

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A workshop hosted by Carole Ann Penney of Connect the Dots + Patsy Culp of & Celebrate

Join us for a cozy, reflective workshop that will help you thoughtfully and creatively transition from 2016 to 2017. Together, we will reflect on and embrace our major takeaways from the past year and set meaningful intentions by helping each other choose a single, powerful word to guide our journeys in the year to come. You’ll leave the workshop feeling centered and ready to ring in the new year.

This workshop is perfect for you if:
– you want to pause for some meaningful “me time” after the frenzy of the holidays
– you want to set thoughtful intentions for 2017
– you want to spend some quality time with a community of like-minded ladies
– you want to set a quiet, cozy tone for the coming year
– you like popcorn and tea!

The $45 registration fee includes a pre-workshop workbook to guide you in personal reflection to bid farewell to 2016 and embrace your vision for 2017, snacks, beverages, and supplies – plus a special gift for you.

All you need to bring is your wonderful self and a willingness to follow your intuition and connect with other creative and inspiring women (like you)!

Please note: yoga pants or sweat pants are required. Coziness is a MUST.

This intimate workshop is limited to just 14 participants. Grab your seat by reserving your ticket here.



Attend / Host a Workshop

1) Join me at my kitchen table
Sign up for my e-newsletter to receive special invitations to monthly workshops at my home. These cozy workshops are limited to six participants, and desserts, beverages, and craft supplies will be provided. All you need to bring is your wonderful self and a willingness to follow your intuition and have fun! $25/person

2) Host a workshop at your kitchen table
Imagine your friends gathered in your home for an evening of reflection, creativity, and visioning…the perfect girls’ night. Choose a workshop topic that speaks to you, and contact me to set up a date. As the workshop host, you’ll invite your friends to attend (six minimum, 12 maximum plus you!) and provide the yummy snacks. I’ll provide the rest! $20/person, host = free. Contact me for more details.


Workshop Topics

Uncovering Your Inner Compass
Join me for a workshop that will help you uncover and connect with the core values that live deep down in your heart. Learn about how being grounded in your values will help you make conscious decisions, guide you in moving forward, and allow you to intentionally create a life aligned with who you are. You’ll leave the workshop with an understanding of the values that drive you on a deep level and a powerful tool for revisiting your inner compass in the future.

Connecting the Dots: Answering “What do you do?” When You Have Multiple Jobs
If you have multiple careers – like a banker who is a jewelry designer by night, a yoga teacher who is also an after-school program educator – when someone asks you “What do you do?” you don’t know where to start. We ambitious ladies who juggle multiple jobs can often feel fragmented, overwhelmed, and a little directionless. Let’s explore the advantages and challenges of building a composite career, and learn some strategies for connecting the dots between your various projects in order to restore yourself to a whole, integrated person and craft your answer to that ever-present question: “What do you do?”

Grow Your Slash Life: A Spring Workshop for Slashers
Connect the challenges and opportunities of juggling multiple careers (slashes) with the natural rhythm of the changing seasons. You will leave the workshop with a renewed awareness of how to patiently and lovingly cultivate your own growth. This workshop is perfect for you if you’re feeling overwhelmed, pulled in many directions, or frustrated by uncertainty and impatience as you search for and define your path in life.

Choose Your Guiding Word of the Year
Explore a different way of committing to what you want to achieve and how you want to show up to your life – the practice of choosing one powerful word that will guide you throughout the year. You will walk away from the workshop with clarity on your guiding word and a deep understanding of what it means to you and creative tools that will help activate your connection with your word every day of the year.

ARTiculate Your Dreams: Create Your Vision Board
Engage in a hands-on creative and reflective process that will engage your intuition and creativity to help you express what you want to have, do, feel, or be in your life. You will walk away from the workshop with a vision board that will provide you with both a direction to move towards and an anchor to check in with every day. Your vision board will help you connect the dots in your life and inspire you to dream big. Plus, you’ll meet creative and inspiring women (like you)!